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What is SIP?

SIP or Session Initiated Protocol, is used in VoIP (voice over internet protocol) communications, which allows you to make voice and video calls.

Cost Saving

One of the core benefits of SIP is that it is much less costly. Rydal Comms’ SIP solutions can help you to save both on line rentals and call costs.

Robust Business Continuity

Disasters do happen, unfortunately. However, SIP solutions are DR-ready, ensuring that your company can route calls to a different site or location quickly.

Benefits of SIP Trunking

Inclusive Call Options

We can provide a SIP trunk service with free inclusive calls. This is a no brainer for businesses moving to SIP, taking in to account your connectivity options.


Whether your business is up-scaling or downsizing, SIP solutions are ideal, particularly if you want to keep your current numbers. Add lines for busier times and take away whenever you need.

Advanced Features

SIP gives your business the opportunity for additional system features, including disaster recovery solutions and inbound numbering.

Suitable for All

SIP solutions support all kinds of business setups. From smaller companies to larger organisations, SIP provides a low-cost and flexible telecommunications option.

Reliable ISDN Alternative

If you’re looking to replace your ISDN, SIP is a perfect alternative. We have helped several businesses switch over to our SIP solutions where the benefits are immediate.

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