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Suitable for Sectors across the UK

Rydal Comms have installed and maintained on-premise phone systems for various industry sectors. From healthcare to commercial offices, on-premise telephony sits at your location, providing you with all your telecommunication needs.

What is an On-premise phone system?

An on-premise phone system is a physical device that is based at your office or business site. Also known as a PBX. You as the end user have the option of both traditional and IP technology.
From complex call centre setups to small offices with only a few users, on-premise setups are chosen by several businesses thanks to the features offered by such high-end systems.

Benefits of On-premise Phone Systems


From voice recording and messaging, to on-hold music and caller detail information; the features of a on-premise solution gives you the tools you need for an efficient comms setup.

Ownership and Better Cost per User

At the end of the contract term, you own the system hardware. Whats more, you’re not paying per user during the contract but for the system itself. So in the long run you won’t pay more per user if your company has employee growth.

Controlled Environment

You are in control of the environment that contains your data. Call statistics and recording can be kept on-premise, or in your private cloud.


Phone System CRM & Application Integration

Our flagship Ericsson LG on premise phone system integrates with over 100 applications and CRM’s.

This extensive list includes Skype for business, Google, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Outlook integration, Salesforce, NetSuite Inc, Sage, Sugar CRM, VTiger, Zoho and so much more.

Some Features and benefits include:

  • Make, receive and transfer calls from your desktop at a click of a mouse
  • Click to dial from applications such as google or outlook improving efficiencies in your team
  • ‘Screen pop’ allowing you to have instant access to the CRM account when the client calls in
  • Disable call recordings when Sage screen is opened, making you PCI compliant.

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Maintaining your sustainability and growth

Maintenance Options

You can get 24/7 support from Rydal Comms. Our engineers and consultants are then always on hand to deal with any enquiries.

Systems to Grow with You

Each system we build is designed to grow with your company. Both additional functionality as well as additional lines can be added as and when you require them.

Current Phone System Outdated?

Don’t worry, we can help. Replacing your current system or relocating hardware can be stressful, which is where our experts and telecoms engineers come in to make the upgrade simple and seamless.

Any questions?

Not sure which phone system is right for you please do speak to one of our advisors today. Alternatively, request a free quote below.

COVID-19 Update

Rydal's support and engineering team are still on hand to help you through this Covid-19 period. We have put together some key tools to help you which you can find by clicking the button.
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