5 Hints & Tips When Buying a VoIP Phone System


Our Managing Director, Steffan Dancy, has put together 5 hints & tips for you when implementing a VoIP phone system.

We see these considerations being overlooked on a daily basis and many clients return to us because we’re ‘network geeks’ / ‘ IT geeks’  and truly know and understand how a phone system integrates as a core part of your infrastructure. The issue in todays market is there are too many ‘bedroom resellers’ who rely on large global enterprises who don’t genuinely care about the end user when there is an issue. It doesn’t mean the ‘bedroom dealer’ or small company doesn’t care about you, its the fact they don’t have the bandwidth of expertise that we offer.  We like to see ourselves as the perfect alternative, not too big that we don’t care and not too small that we don’t have the expertise.

Rydal today employees over 70 staff (as of 2021), and prides itself on being very nimble. Why not give us a go?

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