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Getting business done no longer means sitting at your desk. The modern world keeps moving, and you need to move with it wherever that might take you. Rydal understands that. From helping you get the best phones and the best plan with every major provider in the country, to ensuring that you have every service that you need at your fingertips when you're on-the-go, Rydal is here to help set you up for success. All while keeping your costs down and ensuring that you end up with the right system for your business.

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  • Rydal Communications are one of the few o2 approved partners in the UK. This unique relationship allows us to offer bespoke packages to our end user whilst delivering exceptional service. To stay within the o2 approved partner scheme we have to maintain a high level or CSI from surveys o2 make across our estate. This gives our customers the added security of working with a partner who is measured to deliver exceptional service. Speak to our o2 specialists today.

FREE iPhone 6s 16GB

Unlimited mins
Unlimited texts
2GB of data
McAfee Anti Virus


ex VAT 28.00.


Unlimited Mins
Unlimited Texts
10GB of Data


ex VAT 15.50..