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Efficiency is everything in the business world. At Rydal, we're committed to doing everything that we can to help your business run more smoothly. The applications we can provide are designed to allow you to multi-task and simply get things done quicker and cleaner than you could before. Cut down on your workload by unifying your business software needs under just a few separate applications.

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Email Address:* is an online workforce management and scheduling system designed to save time and money through automating and streamlining manual processes. matches resources to clients to create rosters, generates timesheets and processes invoices and payroll. A range of additional modules are available to enhance the basic system.


Real time electronic monitoring systems are available for tracking time and attendance; VOIPTrac™ which uses landline phones to check in and out of bookings, and PhotoTrac™ which uses barcode scanning. supports remote working through it’s app, ’Webroster Mobile’ giving field staff access to client and booking details, allows them check in/out of bookings and use the panic button. Staff and clients can also access their own online portal from home to view schedules and print worksheets.


Other additional modules include SMS, Document Management, Travel, Mapping and Audit.


One of the hardest parts of running a business can be managing employees. There is no rule book full of answers on how to improve staff productivity. Letterbox Check can help by helping you keep track of your employees on a real-time basis based on GPS data from their mobile.

Now you can check out routes to find inefficiencies to deal with. If a customer calls with a complaint about someone arriving late, or not at all, figure out what went wrong and how to avoid having it happen again in the future. Assign staff new tasks in real time based on their current location data. Determine which employees will work which districts, and create new districts as your customer base expands.

Plus, everything that Letterbox Check has to offer can be boiled down in to handy summaries for you to peruse at your leisure. Maximize the efficiency of your company and your staff with Letterbox Check.


Air-Watch is a bundle of solutions which you can pick and choose from, and everything the program offers can be customized to meet your needs. Air-watch isn't restricted to a single platform or software type, and it can cover every  mobile device that your employees are using. That lets them keep the equipment that they're comfortable with.

Air-Watch allows every one of the applications used by your staff to be containerized, meaning improved security by limiting the reach of what that software can access. A whole host of high-end security modules mean that valuable information about you, your staff, your company and your customers is always as safe as possible from outside threats.

Allowing for Email, content and app management at every level, Air-Watch can help you to give freedom for your staff to pick and choose the software that they like. The browser and laptop management programs will help maintain consistency and security for all. Air-Watch helps you get more done while providing better protection for your work.